eat and run designed for burning fat from a belly

eat and run designed for burning fat from a belly

Many people, usually women, tend to think there is no way they will ever get the flat belly they want. They struggle with eat and run and get frustrated. I remember my wife was very discouraged after giving birth to our first child. She wasn’t sure how to get rid of the baby fat. I’m here to tell you that through eat and run, you can and you will get a flat belly

So how do you accomplish this? First off I’ll tell what not to do. A huge mistake that many people make is repeating the same method every day. You have those who do a lot of crunches and sit-ups, but their diet is all over the place. Then you have those who have a pretty good diet, but never lift a finger and do any exercise. It is very important that you have both. You need to exercise at least every other day doing things that focus on your abdomen such as crunches, sit-ups, yoga or pilates. On top of your workout routine you need to eat healthy foods that burn belly fat and make sure you take in the right amount of calories everyday.

Many studies have shown that by eating certain foods, along with eat and run, will help you quickly burn that annoying belly fat. Let me share some of these “miracle” foods with you:







Water and Green Tea


Beans and Legumes

Olive oil and Canola oil

Whole grains

All natural peanut butter

Dark green vegetables

Parmigiano -reggiano cheese


You can find these items at almost any grocery store or you may already have them in your pantry.